Young Dolph’s Alleged Killer Requests New Jurors Due To Concerns Of An Unfair Trial

The alleged murderer of Young Dolph, Justin Johnson, has requested the judge to consider choosing potential jurors outside of Memphis.

On Friday, Johnson’s attorney Luke Evans, officially submitted a petition to Judge Jennifer J. Mitchell. According to The Associated Press, Evans expressed concern about what he termed as the “relentless media coverage” surrounding the murder of the late rapper. He worries that the intense “public visceral outrage” related to Dolph’s death might potentially influence and prejudice the jury pool.

“Since the time of the victim’s death in this matter, the victim has been portrayed in the media as a philanthropist, a ‘hero,’ and the ‘king of Memphis,’ ‘a trailblazing creative’ whose life was dedicated to giving back to the community… In contrast, the media focused on the accused’s ‘history of violent crime,’” Evans wrote.

Additionally, he also raised concerns about Johnson facing death threats and calls for him to be lynched, emphasizing that these factors contribute to doubts about the trial unfolding fairly.

“I think the further away we go, the less likely those social media outlets [and] these stories are going to be coming up… Someone that is so beloved in this community, it really puts potential jurors in an unfair position,”Evans added.

In November, Dolph’s fiancée, Mia Jaye, voiced her support for the suspects to face the maximum legal consequences. Alongside Johnson, Cornelius Smith, Jemarcus Johnson, and Hernandez Govan are all confronting multiple charges related to the rapper’s demise.

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