“We Was Losing…I’m a Sore Loser” [Video]

Jeff Teague‘s podcast Club 520 has been gaining steam since its debut. Many basketball fans were pleasantly surprised by Teague’s humor, and he is now recognized as one of the most entertaining storytellers in NBA circles. This week’s episode was no different. 

Co-host Brandon Hendricks is a big fan of LeBron James, and he mentioned the one time the former Atlanta Hawk lost his composure when playing against ‘Goat James’ during a 2016 playoff game.

During his NBA tenure, especially with the Atlanta Hawks, Jeff Teague never experienced a playoff victory against LeBron James, whether with Miami or Cleveland, and it genuinely bothered him. When questioned about it, Teague, true to form, provided his response in the most humorous way imaginable.

“We were losing, I’m a sore loser, he was beating my.. I didn’t win a playoff game against him ever. I was sick of the sh*t. Fans in Atlanta cheering for him, he running down the court. I said ‘You know what b*tch, I got something for you,” Teague said. 

LeBron went flying and it is safe to say Teague is just a hell of a competitor, nothing malicious. But he is a hell of a storyteller. Check out the clip below. 


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