Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That’ll Make Your Day Ballerific

Love is a beautiful thing and something that the majority of people desire. We love, love.

Though we have 365 days to show our significant other our love for them, there’s one specific day we celebrate to express our love in a more spectacular way: Valentine’s Day. There are numerous unique and romantic ways to showcase your love. If you and your significant other are into a relaxing date night rather than a spontaneous one or even vice versa, we here at Baller Alert want to make sure you have some ideas to choose from. For Cupid’s holiday, you don’t have to spend a bag or be extravagant to make it special. It’s the thought that counts to make the day memorable. Here’s a list of some ‘baller’ Valentine’s Day date ideas you can plan for yourself and your loved one.

Recreate Your First Date
Go back to the beginning where it all began. Spark back those memories and recreate your first date. A guarantee to put you and your significant other in a loving mood for a love-filled day.

Breakfast In Bed
Name a better way to wake up than to wake up to a hot and delicious breakfast in bed. There isn’t one! Jumpstart you and your partner’s day by preparing your partner’s favorite breakfast cuisine. The two of you can enjoy the meal, laid up, relaxing together, enjoying each other’s company.

Take A Romantic Getaway
A romantic getaway is one of the top-tier romantic gifts you can give to your significant other. Take a road trip to somewhere nearby where you two can relax and take your mind off of everything. Plan some romantic activities or even a dinner that your partner will be sure to love!

Get A Massage Together
Plan a relaxing date to the spa! If you and your partner are going through a lot mentally, maybe with work, take a load off and schedule a couple’s massage. Enjoy that intimate time together.

Binge Watch Movies Or TV Shows
If you and your significant other don’t feel like spending any crazy money and desire just to stay in and relax, throw on a popular TV show or a movie series and binge! Be sure to stock up on snacks or order in some pizza.

Get A Room
Plan a staycation! Drown the room in balloons, roses, and confetti decorations! Explore the attractions that surround the area, bring back some wine to the room and do what grown people do.

Book A Helicopter Ride
If you’re feeling fancy and open to spending a little more money on your significant other, book a helicopter ride! See the city skyline and the city lights. It’ll be an experience you two will never forget.

Go To A Comedy Club
They say laughter is one of the best medicines and is good for the soul. Get tickets to see your favorite comedian and build new memories together.

Find a Sip & Paint Class
Create beautiful pieces of art and sip on some wine with your significant other. Admire both pieces of artwork in your partner and your painting.

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