Travis Scott Says Astroworld Safety Was Not His Responsibility, Wants Name Stripped From Lawsuits

Travis Scott is hoping that a judge will remove him from the remaining Astroworld Festival lawsuits.

The event’s creator has filed new legal documents asking that he be absolved of any further legal action related to the tragedy during the November 2021 festival. A massive crowd surge led to the fatal crushing of ten convert attendees. Hundreds of others were injured in the devastation. Fans and organizers have long placed some blame on Scott, who allegedly urges his fans at shows to “rage” and move closer to the stage. In August 2023, the “Sicko Mode” rapper was officially cleared criminally, though he still faces civil lawsuits. Over 2,500 lawsuits have been filed in relation to the deadly concert.

According to the new filing, Scott is arguing that it was not his job to control the crowd.

“Like any other adrenaline-inducing diversion, music festivals must balance exhilaration with safety and security—but that balance is not the job of performing artists, even those involved in promoting and marketing performances,” the document read.

Scott’s attorneys also wrote that Scott acted “diligently to protect against every reasonably apprehensible danger.” They pointed out that Scott worked with organizers to eliminate the risk of possible stampedes.

Drake and Apple were also listed in many lawsuits related to the event. They’ve also asked a judge to be removed. Drake came out during Scott’s performance set, which is when the crowd crush took place. A trial is scheduled to begin in May 2024.

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