“They Wouldn’t Do That To A White Artist” [Video]

Boosie is considering pursuing legal action against fellow artists who have used his music without obtaining his consent following the release of Kodak Black’s recent song.

Boosie recently took to social media to publicly address artists such as Kodak Black and Rod Wave for using a sample from his 2010 track “Long Journey” and “Let Me Ease Your Mind” on their latest songs.

“DAM @KODAKBLACK EVEN THO WE FELL OUT WE COULDA DID FAIR BUIZNESS,” Boosie tweeted alongside a clip showcasing Kodak’s “Eaze Yo Mind” single and Boosie’s “Let Me Ease Your Mind” single.

Shortly after, Boosie went live to address the incident mentioning that artists sample his music but won’t ask him for a feature.

“Rod Wave did it the best, no cap,” Boosie said in a clip. “A lot of artists sampling my sh*t, I can’t even get a feature. People just don’t think I’m, you know, business minded.”

Additionally, Boosie further emphasized his stance by cautioning artists against using his material for sampling without seeking his permission beforehand.

“Can’t let you take my sh*t and I’m not getting nothing,” he said. “I just want my split, you know, my cut. I ain’t mad, I love when they do that sh*t. They wouldn’t do that to a white artist. They wouldn’t do that to another artist; just Boosie. So I’m coming back for all that, bro. Y’all already know.”

In the conclusion of his video, Boosie shared that he had recently spoken with his attorney concerning “five situations” where his work had been sampled without his consent.

“Ain’t call me, ask me nothing,” he said about the unknown artists. “I mean, [they] just figure I’m too gangster to file a lawsuit. Sh*t is copyright infringement, bro.”

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