The Inside Scoop on Tyrese and Zelie Timothy’s Split

It looks like Tyrese is single again.

The “Sweet Lady” singer hopped on Instagram during Super Bowl Sunday and revealed that his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, gave him the boot. While promoting his new album, “Beautiful Pain,” Tyrese gave the update and claimed the reason for the breakup stemmed from the project.

“Me and Zelie just broke up over some dumb shit. Remember this…She demanded that I cancel my ALBUM because there’s too many songs about my ex on there.. f**k does that even mean?” he captioned the post.

The ex-in-question is Samantha Lee, and Tyrese has been vocal about the breakdown of their marriage. The “Fast & Furious” star has shared numerous times how he never wanted to get divorced, nor does he know why she filed for divorce. He has also stated that upcoming music would document his hurt surrounding the split.

In the official trailer for “Beautiful Pain,” Tyrese also had images of him and Lee in the video as he narrates about his depression due to the divorce and the untimely passing of his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, in February 2022 from COVID-19.

Timothy and Tyrese have been together since at least March 2021, just months after he and Lee separated. The two have had their own set of controversies, most notably when Timothy said on IG Live that the late Paul Walker was more her type.

Timothy has not said a peep about the breakup. Since it’s not the first time the couple is at odds, it’s likely a reconciliation is soon to come.

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