The Actor Strike Has Ended With Three-Year Deal

The actor strike has officially come to an end.

On Wednesday, SAG-AFTRA reached a three-year deal with film studios. The agreement arrives after 118 days. Actors of all walks have been on the picket lines demanding a checklist of changes, one of which being royalty payments. As the world moves further into the streaming era, many actors have not compensated appropriately for their work.

While the specifics of the deal have not yet been made public, it has been confirmed that it will “reopen” Hollywood and its productions, which have halted due to the strikes. It is being speculated by several outlets that many of the actor’s demands were met, including base pay increases, better health insurance, regulations for AI, and much more.

In addition to the actors, the Writer’s Guild was on strike over matters such as AI concerns and compensation as well. Their walkout ended in September with a separate deal of their own. Shows such as “Euphoria” and “P-Valley” were pushed back as the writers struggled to make a deal.

SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are putting the finishing touches on the agreement, which will end the walkout Thursday at midnight. The union will need to agree on the deal in the coming weeks, though it seems that should be no issue. The strike ended just weeks after top execs grew frustrated with the meetings, an indicator that it could drag on longer. Luckily, all parties are in agreement on what needs to be adjusted.

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