Texas Couple Indicted For Running “Playing Board” Pyramid Scheme During COVID-19 Pandemic

A Texas couple has been indicted for running a pyramid scheme that targeted Black victims under the guise of being a faith-based organization.

LaShonda Moore and Marlon Moore launched their Blessings in No Time business during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming they were helping people make extra money during such a time of uncertainty. The couple launched “playing boards” with “eight Fire positions, four Wind positions, two Earth positions, and one Water position.” Per the indictment, participants in the Fire tier could move up on the board by “investing” a minimum of $1,400 to the single individual in the Water position. They were then tasked with recruiting more people to join the different positions, which meant putting money into the board. In other words, this was a classic pyramid scheme.

Investigators say the couple put themselves and their families in the single Water position, which would see them getting the bulk of the proceeds each month, while the other players walked away with very little. This scheme brought in roughly $10 million to the couple. Sadly, the majority of their almost 8,000 victims were African Americans who trusted the pair. Authorities believe the duo appeared on the OWN networks, “Family or Fiance,” to attract more victims and appear more credible.

In July 2023, the Attorney General secured a $10,760,000 judgment against the couple. As part of the terms, the Moores could pay at least $450,000, with the money going to a fund that will begin paying back their victims. Last week, the Moores were officially charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, per a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Justice. They face decades behind bars if convicted.

Blessing in No Time

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