‘All in same canoe’: What’s it like being young on a sinking small island? | Climate Crisis News

When it comes to climate change, the low-lying Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are as front line as it gets. The atoll state’s 60,000 inhabitants are witnessing the visible shrinking of their shores. Most of the 1,000 islands, spread out over 29 atolls, are only two metres above the swollen ocean. … Read more

Hamas releases 25 captives amid Israel truce: Here’s what’s to know | Israel-Palestine conflict News

After weeks of negotiations, Hamas on Friday released the first batch of captives it had agreed to set free under a truce deal with Israel that came into effect in the morning. Fighters took 237 people into captivity from Israel after Hamas’s October 7 attack. Under the deal for a four-day truce, Hamas is to … Read more

What’s behind the Arab-Islamic ministerial tour of UNSC states? | News

Beirut, Lebanon – A delegation of Islamic and Arab nations are on a tour of the five permanent United Nations Security Council member states. Their stated goal is to bring a ceasefire to the war on Gaza, allow more humanitarian aid to reach the people there and ask the five council members to support the … Read more

What’s behind efforts to strip Guatemala’s president-elect of his immunity? | Elections News

Guatemala City, Guatemala – Blockades were set up around campus. Banners were unfurled. And key buildings at the University of San Carlos (USAC), Guatemala’s sole public university, came under student occupation. It was 2022, and the campus was in uproar over the election of a new rector, Walter Mazariegos, to lead the school. Critics, including … Read more

‘What’s wrong?’: The silence of Pakistanis on expulsion of Afghan refugees | Refugees News

Islamabad, Pakistan – They were a common sight across major Pakistani cities, performing low-paying wage work – loading goods at markets, pushing carts on streets to sell fruits and vegetables, or picking trash. But since the beginning of the month, those Afghans have been missing from public view after the Pakistan government ordered a crackdown … Read more

What’s the impact of the Houthis hijacking a ship in the Red Sea? | Israel-Palestine conflict

The Iran-backed Houthis say the move was a response to Israel’s assault on Gaza. A partly Israeli-owned cargo vessel has been hijacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. The Iran-backed Houthis say the move was a response to Israel’s assault on Gaza. Israel described the incident as an “Iranian act of terrorism”. Tehran … Read more

Israel targets Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital: Here is what’s to know | Israel-Palestine conflict News

There was intense fighting reported around Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital on Monday. Israeli tanks surrounded the hospital in northern Gaza after artillery fire killed at least 12 Palestinians in the complex. Here is what’s to know: What is happening at Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital? A shell struck the second floor of the Indonesian Hospital, killing at least … Read more

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Right-wing libertarian Javier Milei is Argentina’s new president-elect. Milei, a 53-year-old congressman, took nearly 56 percent of the vote versus just over 44 percent for his rival, Economy Minister Sergio Massa. The scale of his victory was unexpected, and Massa conceded before the results were announced. Here is what we know about Milei’s victory and … Read more

Argentina presidential election run-off: Here’s what’s to know | Elections News

EXPLAINER Massa represents the ruling establishment while Milei wants to turn the tables with radical policies. Argentina is heading for a run-off election on Sunday, which will pit a centrist and a far-right candidate against each other in a vote that promises to have wide-ranging consequences for the South American nation. Sergio Massa, the country’s … Read more

Analysis: What’s Israel’s next target after Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital? | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Israeli troops again entered the al-Shifa Hospital en masse on Thursday, for the second time in as many days. Their searches so far appear to have failed to uncover the alleged Hamas underground command centre that the Israeli side adamantly insists lies below the medical facilities. Hamas, the hospital staff and several international organisations that … Read more