Beijing accuses US navy of ‘illegally’ entering South China Sea territory | South China Sea News

China says that the United States has undermined ‘regional peace and stability’. China has claimed that a US naval ship has “illegally intruded” its South China Sea territorial waters. A Chinese naval force was mobilised to track the USS Gabrielle Giffords on Monday when it ventured near the waters of the Second Thomas Shoal, Beijing … Read more

Yemen’s Houthis say they targeted two Israeli ships in Red Sea: Report | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Pentagon meanwhile says a US warship and multiple commercial ships also came under attack, potentially marking a major escalation. Yemen’s Houthi movement says it has targeted two Israeli ships with an armed drone and a naval missile, reports a spokesperson for the group’s military. The spokesperson said the two ships, Unity Explorer and Number Nine, … Read more

Philippines accuses Chinese vessels of ‘swarming’ reef off its coast | South China Sea News

More than 135 Chinese vessels seen near Whitsun Reef in the South China Sea, the Philippines coastguard says. More than 135 Chinese vessels were “swarming” a reef off the coast of the Philippines in the South China Sea, the Philippines coastguard said on Sunday, amid renewed tensions between the two countries. Coastguard officials described the … Read more

Photos: Empty towns to sea laundry: How war has changed Israel, Palestine | Gaza

On October 7, Hamas launched deadly attacks on southern Israel, prompting a relentless aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and a subsequent ground offensive by Israel that has killed nearly 15,000 Palestinians. The war has changed the lives of people all across the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, a 26,790sq-km (10,345sq-mile) area similar in size … Read more

At least three killed as storm hits Russia, Ukraine’s Black Sea coast | Russia-Ukraine war News

Hundreds of thousands of people without power as fierce storm devastates infrastructure. More than half a million people are without power in occupied-Crimea, Russia and Ukraine after a storm in the Black Sea region flooded roads, ripped up trees and took down power lines, according to Russian state media and Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy. More … Read more

South Korea accuses North Korea of firing missile towards the sea | Conflict News

South Korean military officials say the launch, directed at the East Sea, appears to be unsuccessful. North Korea has carried out a suspected unsuccessful missile test, according to South Korea’s military, a day after Pyongang said it successfully launched a spy satellite. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the launch came from North Korea’s … Read more

What’s the impact of the Houthis hijacking a ship in the Red Sea? | Israel-Palestine conflict

The Iran-backed Houthis say the move was a response to Israel’s assault on Gaza. A partly Israeli-owned cargo vessel has been hijacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. The Iran-backed Houthis say the move was a response to Israel’s assault on Gaza. Israel described the incident as an “Iranian act of terrorism”. Tehran … Read more

Yemen’s Houthi rebels seize cargo ship in Red Sea, Israel blames Iran | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Yemen’s Houthis say they have taken control of an Israeli-owned ship in the southern Red Sea, with Israel describing the incident as an “Iranian act of terrorism” with consequences for international maritime security. A Houthi military spokesman confirmed to Al Jazeera on Sunday that its fighters hijacked the British-owned and Japanese-operated cargo ship. At least … Read more

Russia sends first free grain to Africa since end of Black Sea deal | Russia-Ukraine war News

Moscow begins shipments of 200,000 tonnes of grain months after it withdrew from UN-brokered Black Sea grain deal. Russia’s agriculture minister says Moscow has begun free shipments of grain totalling up to 200,000 tonnes to six African countries, as promised by President Vladimir Putin. In a statement posted on Telegram on Friday, Dmitry Patrushev said … Read more

Baltic herring threatened by warming sea | Climate Crisis

Even aged 84, Holger Sjogren nimbly untangles the knots in his herring net as it was lowered into the murky depths of the Baltic Sea. “When the trawl bag comes up, the seagulls give us a concert,” he said. Sjogren, a fifth-generation herring fisherman, has been trawling from the waters near Kotka in southeastern Finland … Read more