“A genocidal war” Surgeon says Israel strategically destroying Gaza health | Gaza News

NewsFeed Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah is a surgeon who worked at both the Al-Shifa and Al-Alhi Baptist hospitals in Gaza. He tells Al Jazeera he believes the destruction of the health sector is part of an Israeli military strategy to to wipe out the Palestinian population in Gaza – by ensuring no one survives. Published … Read more

Israel-Gaza: Genocidal rhetoric and the fog of war | Israel-Palestine conflict

We’ve seen the language of extermination, incessant bombardment and hellish scenes on TV. And as the war intensifies, the chaos of misinformation deepens. Two weeks into Israel’s war on Gaza, what the world is witnessing – from Israeli leaders’ racist and genocidal rhetoric to the mass killing of Palestinian civilians – bears the hallmarks of … Read more