Analysis: Why Israel’s military wanted to end the Gaza truce, and what now? | News

The truce is over. Nerve-racking negotiations had continued in Qatar on Thursday, after a meagre extension of the humanitarian pause, a mere 24 hours, was secured minutes before the expiry of the previously agreed term. But on Friday morning, fighting resumed, as the deadline for the pause expired. The Israeli military issued a statement saying … Read more

Gaza truce appears set to extend as Israel receives new list of captives | Israel-Palestine conflict News

A truce in the Israel-Hamas war appeared to be extending into a fifth day as the two sides completed their fourth release of captives from Gaza in exchange for Palestinians held in Israeli jails under an original four-day truce deal while mediators said the process would continue. Qatar, which along with Egypt has facilitated indirect … Read more

Grief to courage: A Palestinian stranded in Egypt as Israel bombs Gaza | Israel-Palestine conflict

“Hello, I’m Mohammed… of the family Kafarna. I am 24 years old and a law graduate from Al-Azhar University in Gaza. I live in the city of Beit Hanoon, adjacent to the apartheid wall that the Israeli occupation built. I lost 15 people from my family. I lost two friends, we grew up with each … Read more

Egypt’s el-Sisi says future Palestinian state could be ‘demilitarised’ | Israel-Palestine conflict News

El-Sisi spoke after a meeting with the Spanish and Belgian PMs as they try to shore up support for a peace conference. A future Palestinian state could be demilitarised and have a temporary international security presence, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has said. “We said that we are ready for this state to be demilitarised, … Read more

What’s behind the Arab-Islamic ministerial tour of UNSC states? | News

Beirut, Lebanon – A delegation of Islamic and Arab nations are on a tour of the five permanent United Nations Security Council member states. Their stated goal is to bring a ceasefire to the war on Gaza, allow more humanitarian aid to reach the people there and ask the five council members to support the … Read more

“A genocidal war” Surgeon says Israel strategically destroying Gaza health | Gaza News

NewsFeed Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah is a surgeon who worked at both the Al-Shifa and Al-Alhi Baptist hospitals in Gaza. He tells Al Jazeera he believes the destruction of the health sector is part of an Israeli military strategy to to wipe out the Palestinian population in Gaza – by ensuring no one survives. Published … Read more

Premature babies from Gaza arrive in Egypt | News

NewsFeed “They have a long way to go.” 28 premature babies, evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza are now being treated in Egypt after safely being transported through the Rafah border crossing. The WHO says they are receiving the specialized medical care they need. Published On 20 Nov 202320 Nov 2023

Photos: Dozens of premature babies evacuated from Gaza to Egypt | Israel-Palestine conflict News

A group of 28 premature babies from Gaza have been evacuated from a hospital inside the besieged Palestinian enclave to Egypt to receive treatment, according to Egyptian television footage and a Palestinian hospital doctor. “The babies arrived to me from al-Shifa Hospital. They were in a catastrophic condition when they got here,” said Dr Mohammad … Read more

Dozens of premature babies evacuated from Gaza to Egypt | Israel-Palestine conflict News

A group of 28 premature babies has been evacuated from al-Shifa Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip and taken to Egypt for urgent treatment as Palestinian officials say Israeli forces have attacked another hospital in northern Gaza. The newborns had been patients at al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest medical facility, where several others had died after their … Read more

‘Boycott Israel’ breathes new life into 100-year-old Egyptian soda brand | Israel-Palestine conflict

Cairo, Egypt – Spiro Spathis, Egypt’s oldest carbonated drinks company, is having a sensational comeback. Founded in 1920 by a Greek beekeeper from Kefalonia whose name it bears, “Spathis” has been part of life for generations of Egyptians. Now, thanks to a nationwide campaign to boycott Western producers supportive of Israel, the century-old brand is … Read more