WHO Declares Loneliness a Global Health Threat, Launches Commission for Action

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared loneliness a global issue and they’ve initiated an international commission to address the issue worldwide. The WHO reportedly launched the Commission on Social Connection “to address loneliness as a pressing health threat, promote social connection as a priority and accelerate the scaling up of solutions in countries of … Read more

Ukraine gets European Commission nod to start EU membership talks | European Union News

Ukraine’s president hails move as ‘strong and historic step’ that paves way to a stronger EU. The European Union’s executive has recommended opening formal membership talks with Ukraine, as soon as it meets final conditions, in a major show of support for Kyiv in its battle against Russia. “This is a strong and historic step … Read more

Pakistan to hold delayed elections on February 8, electoral commission says | News

A caretaker government has been running the South Asian country since parliament was dissolved on August 9. Pakistan will hold delayed national elections in February as the country grapples with overlapping political, economic and security crises. “It was unanimously decided that the election will be held on Thursday, February 8,” the Election Commission of Pakistan … Read more

Spanish clergy sexually abused more than 200,000 children, commission finds | Religion News

Report finds 0.6 percent of Spain’s adult population said they were abused by members of clergy when they were children. More than 200,000 minors are estimated to have been sexually abused in Spain by the Roman Catholic clergy since 1940, according to an independent commission. The report did not give a specific figure but said … Read more

US must be ready for simultaneous wars with China, Russia: Commission | Military News

Congressional review of US’s strategic posture says security environment has worsened and US needs to respond. The United States must step up its military modernisation to enhance its conventional and nuclear forces and ensure it is ready for the possibility of simultaneous wars with China and Russia, a congressional commission evaluating the US’s strategic posture … Read more

US trade commission files anti-trust lawsuit against online retailer Amazon | Science and Technology News

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a long-anticipated anti-trust lawsuit against online retailer Amazon, accusing the company of harming consumers by stifling competition. The lawsuit, which was joined by 17 state attorneys general and filed in Amazon’s home state of Washington, follows a four-year investigation. “The FTC and its state partners say … Read more