Premature babies from Gaza arrive in Egypt | News

NewsFeed “They have a long way to go.” 28 premature babies, evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza are now being treated in Egypt after safely being transported through the Rafah border crossing. The WHO says they are receiving the specialized medical care they need. Published On 20 Nov 202320 Nov 2023

Families of Israeli captives arrive in Jerusalem, rally at PM’s office | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Family, friends and supporters of Hamas captives marched from Tel Aviv to demand immediate release, government action. Tens of thousands of protesters have arrived in Jerusalem after a five-day march from Tel Aviv to put pressure on the Israeli government for the immediate release of captives held by Hamas in Gaza. An estimated 20,000 demonstrators, … Read more

Door Dash Warns Customers That Food Might Arrive Cold If They Don’t Tip

Hold up, wait a minute! Door Dash has issued a need-to-know before moving forward. The delivery service has added a pop-up in its app that warns customers that orders with no added tip could take longer to arrive. The Verge investigated the announcement by testing it out. In a since-deleted tweet on X, the outlet … Read more

Dozens of migrants and refugees arrive at US-Mexico border | Migration News

Dozens of migrants and refugees have arrived at the US-Mexico border, hoping to be allowed into the United States. In Eagle Pass, Texas, migrants and refugees from countries including Honduras and Venezuela crossed the Rio Grande River that separates the US and Mexico to encounter an almost impassable wall of barbed wire. “I’m happy because … Read more

Ukraine calls for return of ‘abducted’ children as more arrive in Belarus | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine says more than 19,000 children have been taken illegally by Russia since it began its full-scale invasion. Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska has called on world leaders to help ensure the return of thousands of Ukrainian children forcibly taken by Russia as Belarusian state media published photos of dozens of Ukrainian children arriving in … Read more