Stephen A Smith Believes Michigan Should Receive Ban From College Football Playoffs Amid Sign-Stealing Investigation [Video]

The University of Michigan is currently under investigation by the NCAA, with allegations of sign stealing. The Wolverines are ranked in the top 4 of the College Football Playoff rankings. Initial reports suggested the NCAA was prepared to suspend Head Coach John Harbaugh for a stretch of games starting in November.  Nevertheless, it has been revealed that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with this action, and the NCAA will maintain its ongoing investigation.

Pat McAfee joined First Take Tuesday, where he spoke with Stephen A Smith and Shannon Sharpe about the recent news and whether the Wolverines should be eligible for playoffs. Stephen A Smith is pretty adamant in his stance.  

“The fact that the investigation is still open is nonsensical to me. It makes no sense. Expedite the process, reach a conclusion, tell me they didn’t do it, I’m fine with it, tell me there’s not enough evidence to validate they did it, I’m fine. But as long as the investigation is open, there’s no way on Earth that you can have the Michigan Wolverines going to the College Football Playoff when it is possible that they may have had somebody working for them, traveling around to other schools, stealing signs, giving them an unfair advantage,” Smith said. 

Stephen A’s viewpoint raises a valid concern. It’s reasonable to expect timely answers in cases like this, especially when significant allegations are involved. Waiting until the end of the season for a resolution can create uncertainty and affect the team, its fans, and college football in general.

However, pressure from the media will surely be imminent to find clarity on an investigation as serious as this one.

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