Simon Guobadia Wants Judge To Stop Porsha Williams From Filming “Real Housewives of Atlanta” At His Home

Simon Guobadia wants a judge to stop his estranged wife, Porsha Williams, from filming “Real Housewives of Atlanta” inside his home.

The businessman sent a cease-and-desist letter to True Entertainment, the production company that oversees the popular Bravo reality series. In the document, Guobadia demands that filming at his house stop while he and Williams go through their tumultuous divorce.

In part, the letter read that as the sole owner of the property, Guobardia “does not consent to the release, disclosure or publication of any photograph of the property, nor does he consent to the taping, filming or recording of the property, including any aspects of any activity in or about the property.”

To drive home his point, Guobadia included a copy of the mansion’s deed, which shows him to be the sole owner of the property. He purchased the home in November 2021, and Williams does not appear to be listed anywhere on it. Additionally, he has filed for a restraining order against his estranged wife, claiming she brought an armed man into their home. He has also raised questions about her behavior, stating in court docs that the hair entrepreneur had begun acting erratically.

Williams filed for divorce in February and has since admitted that his shaky immigration status and past criminal history are the reasons for her wanting to end the marriage.

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