Shedeur Sanders’ Rolls Royce Booted by Colorado’s Campus Police

Star Quarterback Shedeur Sanders has created a lot of new fans at the University of Colorado since he and his father arrived. However, garnering his new fame may have rubbed some of the faculty and staff the wrong way, especially the Colorado campus control. 

It was reported earlier Friday that the star quarterback Rolls Royce was booted in the Champion Center lot. Over the last few weeks, the University’s patrol has tightened up on their disciplinary measures in regards to parking offenses.  

According to the Buffs Beat, eight players have at least had their cars towed. Head coach Deion Sanders received a parking ticket on his Lamborghini earlier this season. Defensive back Travis Hunter has been hit with tickets this season, not the same amount as his counterpart who plays the same position, Cam’Ron Silon-Craig. 

It was reported that Craig had to pay thousands of dollars in parking tickets earlier this season. With No. 21 Arizona coming into town, the last thing the Buffs want to worry about is unpaid parking tickets.

Colorado heads into Senior Day with Arizona on Saturday. An afternoon feature on the Pac-12 Network at 2 p.m. ET.

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