Shannon Sharpe Fires Back at Mike Epps, Labeling Him a ‘Mofo Lie’ Over Stand-Up Show Accusations; Mike Epps Responds [Video]

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson were able to recap the last game of the NFL season late last night on their hit show NightCap. As the confetti finished falling and the smoke cleared, Sharpe discussed some recent events that occurred while the duo was enjoying Vegas.

One incident in particular was when comedian Mike Epps implied that Sharpe was gay during a recent stand-up show.

“That n***a Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview. I said ‘no Medea, I ain’t doing no interview with you’ – so you can sit across from me and look at my balls,” Epps said during his comedy show. “The n***a sh*t is called Shay Shay the n*gga is telling you. Put a wig on that motherf*cker and tell me if that ain’t motherf*cking Madea sister.”

Epps was laughing through the jokes, however, Sharpe did not take kindly to the jokes. Sunday night, the former NFL star responded saying: “Mention my name again and I’m going release the DM’s,” Sharpe said in response to Epps. “But you lying and I don’t care about all that other stuff. You can say I’m gay, I don’t care about that. Because I wont chase a lie. But I won’t let you lie on my name.”

Shannon said to Mike that they would speak the next time they ran into each other.

“Now when I see you, I’m going to see if you really bout that. I’m going to see if him talking like that with them tight-ass leather pants, trying to be funny. But I am going to see if you bout that. Say my name again, be like Destiny’s child, and say my name, say my name.

Sharpe was displeased with a particular aspect of the joke, where Epps claimed Sharpe had reached out to him for an interview. Although Sharpe claimed that the gay comments didn’t affect his bottom line, he was unwilling to accept a lie.

Following Sharpe’s response, Epps took to social media, claiming he was just joking. However, he’s not running from any smoke if they run into each other. Ocho even caught a stray in Mike’s response.

Check it out below.

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