Shannon Sharpe Could Not Believe Chad Ochocinco’s Thoughts On Sucking Toes [Video]

Whatever floats your boat, that’s what most people say when it comes to individual choices in the bedroom. Chad ‘Ochochinco’ Johnson and Shannon Sharpe once again found themselves on opposite sides of the spectrum in a conversation on their late-night show Nightcap. 

Sharpe mentioned how he has a disdain for feet, especially when someone’s feet are on him. He asked Ocho if he liked when people put their feet on him. “I don’t know who “people” are, but I like when Relle put her feet, them goddamn pretty ohh yeah,” Ocho responded.

Ocho asked Sharpe if he liked women’s feet and he reaffirmed he was not a fan. “You better let them sit in cocoa butter for about three hours,” Sharpe said. Ocho almost asked Unc if he was a fan of putting toes in his mouth in the bedroom. Sharpe was shocked to even be asked the question in the hilarious clip. 

“WHAT, Suck?! You better have some pig feet or some chicken feet, them the only things I’m sucking,” Sharpe told Ocho.

“You don’t suck on her toes Unc,” Ocho proceeded to ask Sharpe. “C’mon Ocho, what are we doing now? Sharpe was befuddled. The NFL  pro bowler asked Unc to stay with him. “I need you to live a little man, get you some crushed ice right and you take right? You get that foot you start with the pinky toe and make sure it got a nail on it though,” Ocho told Sharpe as he almost fell out of his chair on the camera. 

“If I suck in some toes, Ocho, we getting married tomorrow,” Sharpe said.

Different strokes. Make sure to catch Unc and Chad every week.

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