Remember When These BET Shows Were the Best Thing in Music Television?

BET used to offer more than just re-runs of beloved old shows and movies. In its heyday before social media and reality TV dominance, Black Entertainment Television (BET) was the go-to destination for discovering the hottest trends in hip-hop and R&B music.

Most of its shows were pivotal in shaping the landscape of urban music television. They provided platforms for showcasing live music videos, interviews with artists, and freestyle sessions, fostering a vibrant community for emerging talent and established artists alike.

While BET offered a diverse range of programming beyond music, it’s crucial to highlight the significance of shows that celebrated and shared our musical culture and sound.

1. Rap City 1989-2008

It was one of the longest-running hip-hop programs on TV. Rap City was known for its “In the Basement” segment, where artists would freestyle and engage in candid discussions. The show featured interviews with prominent hip-hop and rap artists, showcased music videos, and provided a platform for emerging artists.

2. Hits From The Street 1999-2002

Hosted by the Punk’d prankster Al Shearer, this music video and sketch-comedy program infused a comedic touch while spotlighting the latest hip-hop and R&B music videos.

3. Citas World 1999-2003

The first-ever virtual TV host! Citas World was a mix of sketch comedy, music videos, and celebrity interviews. Featuring an animated ghetto fabulous persona, this digital diva became a cultural phenomenon and was beloved for its unique blend of entertainment and social commentary.

4. 106 & Park 2000-2014

It is one of the best music countdown shows, featuring live performances, celebrity interviews, and the hottest music videos, as voted by viewers.


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