Ravens RB Derrick Henry Wants To Take Pressure Off Quarterback Lamar Jackson [Video]

When Derrick Henry signed with the Baltimore Ravens, the first reaction was that the rich got richer. With quarterback Lamar Jackson and Henry, who has the most rushing yards since 2017, on the same team, a unique and powerful dynamic has been created. Additionally, with the NFL banning the hip tackle, Henry has become even more difficult to tackle due to his size.

Henry recently joined the Pivot podcast and discussed how important it is for him to win a Super Bowl ring in his career. He appreciates that he is now playing on a team that is hungry for a ring after getting so close last season.

“It’s really important and I’m happy I’m going somewhere where they’re hungry,” Henry told the Pivot crew. “They’re hungry for it, right on the cusp. They are always in the conversation, I know Lamar want one really bad. So I ain’t going somewhere that the expectation is we are going to see what happens, let’s make the playoffs and try to make some noise. No, they trying to win it, and being so close losing that game to Kansas City I know they hungry.”

The Baltimore Ravens were known for having the best free-flowing offense throughout the regular season. However, when they played against the Kansas City Chiefs, they scored an uncharacteristically low ten points in the loss. Lamar Jackson, who was the star player, looked like a shadow of his former self. He only attempted eight rushes in the game, while earlier that season, he was a lot more assertive which created opportunities for his teammates. This helped keep the defense in check, and that is what Henry plans to bring to the Ravens – reliability.

“I’m ready to come in and be that added piece to it, to spring them forward,” Henry told the pivot crew. “Anyway possible, helping him (Lamar) and taking the pressure off him in any way. The big thing is being around some dogs. I’m excited for the opportunity.


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