R. Kelly Sues Tasha K & Federal Prison Bureau

Tasha K has another lawsuit on her hands; this time, it’s coming from behind bars.

R. Kelly is suing the notorious YouTuber for offering information to her massive following that hurt his reputation. This includes details about his romantic partners, which Tasha spoke at length about in her 2019 video, R. Kelly Can’t Control his Girlfriends while Behind Bars.” Additionally, the “Ignition” singer is going after the U.S. government and several Bureau of Prisons employees, believing that they supplied Tasha with damaging information. This includes many of his recorded phone calls, emails, and visitation history.

One of the claims made in the lawsuit is regarding an unnamed officer who accessed the prison’s TruView system to obtain Kelly’s records without official reason. That person allegedly scanned documents from Kelly’s records and emailed them to multiple people, one of them being Tasha K. An investigation into this act did not result in the officer being fired. The suit also mentions the Washington Post’s 2022 report about Kelly having $25,000 in his commissary balance. This money was ultimately seized and given to victims of his sexual assaults.

Kelly is accusing the prison, along with Tasha, of inflicting emotional distress and negligence upon him. He claims officers illegally accessed and leaked his personal prison information and, in turn, violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Kelly is seeking unspecified damages in the case.

Prior to the lawsuit, Tasha went back and forth with Kelly about his accusations against her. She has not addressed the latest case, as she is still preoccupied with her separate legal battle with Cardi B, who also sued her for defamation and making false claims on her embattled YouTube channel.

More money, more problems for your Miss Tasha.

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