Polo G’s Brother Trench Baby Charged With Murder Linked to LA Drive-By Shooting

Polo G’s brother, Trench Baby, is currently in jail and facing felony murder charges for his alleged involvement in a fatal L.A. drive-by shooting.

According to TMZ, Trench Baby (Taurean Bartlett) is being charged with the murder of 20-year-old Dashaun Berry in a North Hollywood drive-by shooting. Berry was pronounced dead at the scene with gunshot wounds on June 10.

Police suspect the drive-by shooting involving Trench Baby was the start of a series of crimes.

Additionally, he is facing charges for a residential robbery on August 15 and a witness tampering charge on September 10, both involving the same individual.

Previously, TMZ reported that police swiftly arrested Polo G and Trench Baby at their Los Angeles residence following the August robbery.

Trench Baby is currently being held without bond.

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