Patrick Mahomes Confirms He Wears The Same Red Underwear Every Single NFL Game

Patrick Mahomes may be a bit superstitious, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Back in February, Chad Henne, the backup quarterback for Mahomes, gave fans an inside look at Mahomes’ game-day prep and superstitions. During an episode of The Adam Schefter Podcast, Henne revealed that Mahomes wore the same underwear every game for good luck. 

“He has a baseball background, so he has to have a certain thing each and every day,” Henne said of his former teammate. “He comes in, he does his work. His notes are written out a certain way. Same pair of underwear, which probably not a lot of people know, on game day. He’s been wearing it since I’ve been part of it.”

When Schefter probed deeper for details, Henne said: “They’re red. I’m not sure if they’re Hanes or if they’re Lululemon, but it’s one or two of those brands, and ever since he comes in the locker room — boom, it’s right there. I’ll be stretching, and like I said, you just glimpse up, and you’re like, ‘Damn, kid’s wearing them again.’ This definitely has to be a superstition and a good-luck charm, for sure,” adding that Mahomes game day underwear are briefs.

Now, after months of speculation about the unique routine, Mahomes has admitted to rocking his lucky drawers throughout his career. 

“First, my wife Brittany got them for me, so I’m not throwing y’all down, but I have to wear them,” Mahomes explained about his superstition. “At the same time, I threw them on that first season; we had a pretty good season that season.” 

“I only wear them for game day though, so they’re not too worn down, they’re not like these nasty (underwear), I clean them,” he continued. “I was them every once in a while at least. I mean, if we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash them, you know? I’ve just got to keep it rolling. As long as we’re winning, I’ll keep the superstition going.”

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