Nike Yardrunners 2023 Campaign Celebrates HBCU Rising Stars

For four consecutive years, Ashley Henderson, a dedicated HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) alum and the creative mastermind behind League Twenty-Two Marketing Agency, has been at the helm of the exciting 2023 Nike Yardrunners campaign. This annual endeavor, crafted in partnership with Nike, puts a spotlight on the burgeoning talents within the HBCU community, and it’s currently making waves across Nike and Nike Sportswear’s social media platforms.

The 2023 Nike Yard Runners campaign, a recent sensation on Nike and Nike Sportswear’s social channels, took flight under the imaginative guidance of Ashley Henderson, a passionate HBCU alum and the driving force behind League Twenty-Two Marketing Agency.

Now in its fourth year, the Yardrunners collection, originally conceived by Arinze Emeagwali and fellow Howard University alumnus Richard Palmer, pays a heartfelt tribute to the rich history and vibrant culture of HBCUs. It also celebrates the remarkable contributions of their esteemed alumni. What sets this campaign apart is that it’s not just about showcasing talented individuals in front of the camera; it’s about giving due credit to the entire production team behind the scenes, a team composed of accomplished Black HBCU alumni.

Guiding the campaign to success, Ashley Henderson, as the founder of League Twenty-Two Marketing Agency, ensures the production’s seamless execution. Adding an extra layer of creative flair to the team is Cam Kirk, a former Yardrunner and a distinguished hip-hop photographer. The brain behind Cam Kirk Studios, he’s entrusted with capturing the essence of the campaign through his artful photography.

The 2023 Nike Yard Runners campaign is a testament to the exceptional talent within the HBCU community, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. It continues to honor and uplift the legacy and contributions of HBCUs while providing a platform for emerging stars to illuminate the screen.

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