Nicki Minaj Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

During a recent podcast interview on the RunThrough with Vogue, Nicki Minaj expressed how Motherhood helped her embrace her natural beauty.

“I guarantee you, if you change anything on your body and do anything surgical and all this, you’re going to — more than likely, not definitely, more than likely — look back one day and say, ‘I was fine just the way I was,’” Nicki explained.

“And that’s what happened to me,” she added. “I could not believe even some of the photos that I didn’t love.”

She further admitted to avoiding old pictures of herself because “I didn’t like the way I looked.”

“The reason why I wasn’t able to look back at my old photos was I didn’t like the way I looked, right, physically,” Minaj added. “And now I love the way that person looks physically.”

Nicki continued, “I didn’t like being skinny, having a flat butt, you know. Having boobs that didn’t sit high enough. It was a lot of things.”

However, thanks to her 3-year-old, ‘Papa Bear,’ Nicki claims that giving birth helped her remember that she was naturally beautiful.

“I think pregnancy could’ve played a role because seeing my son did remind me of myself so much. My real self. And it made me think, why didn’t I like this? So weird,” she recalled. “But seeing old photos, being able to look at old photos again made me realize, ‘These old photos are beautiful.’”

In the past, Minaj has denied undergoing surgery but admitted to having ass shots last year on the Joe Budden podcast due to being self-conscious of the other women that surrounded the Young Money crew. 

The “Anaconda” rapper also spoke about the body positivity movement during her time with Vogue.

“I just looked at a video that I posted on Instagram when I was 25, and I would fucking pay to look like that right now,” she said. “But today, I can say that I’m at peace with who I am and how I look. I have to say this as a Black woman, though.” 

“I’m not in favor of body positivity if it means unhealthy bodies,” she continued when asked about the movement. “That’s bull. It’s not believable, so let’s stop pretending.” 

“Recently, I had to get a breast reduction, and I actually love it,” Nicki explained. “I used to want a bigger butt, and now I look back and realize how silly that was. So – love your curves, and love your non-curves. There’s nothing wrong with any of it.”


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