Nick Cannon vs. Kevin Hart’s Epic Prank Wars

Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart have solidified their status as the ultimate pranksters, bringing laughter wherever they go.

With today being April Fools’ Day, we’re gearing up for some much-needed comedic relief. Who could forget the hilarious prank war ignited by Nick’s unforgettable llama gift to Kevin for his birthday in 2021? And let’s not overlook their announcement last year about their prank show, “Celebrity Prank Wars.

Get ready to burst into laughter as we reminisce about some of their most viral pranks played on each other.

Nick Cannon gifts Kevin Hart a llama for his birthday.

Kevin retaliated by plastering Nick’s phone number all over a billboard in Los Angeles.

After his phone number was exposed to the world, Nick decided to put his face on the side of Kevin’s jet.

In petty Kevin fashion, he gifted Nick a condom vending machine as an early Valentine’s Day gift. As you know, Nick now has twelve kids. At the time, Kevin said “Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free.”

In a memorable episode of “Celebrity Prank Wars,” Nick Cannon pulled off an unforgettable prank on Kevin Hart, surprising him with an ostrich and an alligator. The comedian was left absolutely terrified by the unexpected guests, creating uproarious moments for viewers.

Which of these outrageous pranks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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