More Israeli attacks, more death and destruction in Gaza | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Israel has unleashed another wave of attacks across the Gaza Strip as its war on the besieged enclave entered its second month.

In recent days, air raids have hit United Nations facilities where thousands of displaced people have been sheltering, as well as hospitals, which have been overwhelmed by wounded and running low on power and supplies.

An Israeli attack destroyed several homes early on Tuesday in the southern city of Khan Younis.

“We were sleeping, babies, children, elderly,” said one survivor, Ahmad al-Najjar, who is the general director at the Ministry of Education in Gaza.

At a school in Khan Younis, thousands of displaced were living in classrooms and the playground. One of them, Suhaila al-Najjar, said the last month had been filled with sleepless nights. “What’s to come? How will we live? Bakeries have closed, there’s no gas. What will we eat?” she said.

In Deir el-Balah, rescue workers brought out at least four dead and a number of wounded children from the wreckage of a flattened building, witnesses said.

“My daughter,” screamed a woman as she ran behind them.

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