Minnesota Mom Accused Of Having Sex With Two 15YO Boys At Hotel

A 38-year-old Minnesota mother of two has been arrested for allegedly having sex with two 15-year-old boys at the same time.

Authorities say the alleged incident happened at a hotel last month. Allison Leigh Schardin was taking a “staycation” with her family at a hotel in Roseville where a boy’s hockey team from Colorado was also staying for a tournament, the criminal complaint reads.

Schardin began talking to teenage boys, who were both members of the hockey team, in a hotel hot tub on the night of Jan. 14.

After the boys went back to their rooms,  Schardin sent one of them a Snapchat saying she and her husband had fought and she wanted to come to the teen’s room, the New York Post reported.

While in the boy’s room, Schardin asked the boys how old they were and told them they were young enough to be her kids.

She then started talking about “sex and stuff,” and eventually got into bed with two of the boys.

Schadin then began sexual acts with the boy, while a third teen watched. She allegedly asked them to perform sexual acts on her.

The two boys said they felt pressured and eventually told her she had to leave.

Schadin later showed up at one of their hockey games and had texted them after they returned home to Colorado, police said.

Schardin was arrested on Thursday and charged with charges of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

She admitted to kissing and having sexual contact with the boys. She also confessed that she asked them for a condom but “claimed she wasn’t going to go through with it.”

She is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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