Miami-Dade School Security Guard Arrested For Attempting To Seducr 3 Teenage Students

Florida authorities arrested a Miami-Dade County Public Schools security guard who is accused of trying to seduce three teenage girls on Instagram.

Authorities say Jahvon Atiba Brown, 25, worked at Miami Carol City High School and had contacted the girls through Instagram in August. The girls attend the school he was assigned to, Local 10 News reported.

According to the arrest report, Miami-Dade Schools police said a 17-year-old girl was the first to come forward to police claiming Brown, who she initially assumed was a student, had reached out to her on Instagram asking if she “gets horny” and “what’s your count?”

When he tried to send her nude pictures of himself she declined. But then he sent a picture of himself and that’s when she recognized him as a security guard at her school. Brown was also a football coach for the school.

Once authorities started their investigation, another student came forward. A 14-year-old girl told them Brown had also messaged her on Instagram, telling her, “you cute asf and thick. Ion wanna be friends wtf” and “trynna make you mines and have you on this (eggplant emoji).”

Another 14-year-old girl came forward and said he had reached out to her as well on Instagram, asking her “You in the 11th or 12th?”

When she told him she was only in the ninth grade, Brown responded: “Jittybug I thought you was Jr Sr cuz you tall but I never see you around school.”

An assistant principal at the school spoke to Brown on Sept. 1 about the accusations against him. He then admitted to reaching out to a student who he said he thought was an adult.

He was detained by police on Wednesday, and now faces charges of offenses against students by an authority figure and use of a computer to seduce or solicit a child for sexual conduct.

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