Memphis Dancer Arrested for Attempted Murder After Stabbing Co-worker Multiple Times

Tequila Rajanee Campbell, 27, from Memphis, was arrested on Wednesday facing charges of attempted second-degree murder. Authorities allege she stabbed her coworker between 10 and 15 times.

Campbell, an exotic dancer, and the victim, who is also a stripper, were reportedly close friends and colleagues in Memphis, Tennessee.

The incident came to light on Tuesday when police were called to a hotel at 841 Collins Avenue. Upon arrival, they discovered the victim with 10 to 15 stab wounds across her body and a collapsed lung. She was rushed to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment, as reported by NBC Miami.

The victim informed the police that the altercation with Campbell stemmed from a disagreement over Campbell’s presence in the room. Campbell insisted on staying, claiming the victim “owed” her for a previous incident in Tennessee where she accused the victim of theft, according to the arrest report.

During the argument, Campbell allegedly attacked and began stabbing the victim, who feared for her life, believing Campbell intended to kill her. The report quotes Campbell saying during the assault, “Somebody c’mon before I kill this b—-.”

Campbell was later apprehended after authorities located her car. She admitted to being in the room with the victim but claimed she was the one attacked. Campbell stated she grabbed what she thought was a comb or hair accessory to defend herself, swinging at the victim, but denied stabbing her.

Campbell has been arrested and is currently held in jail without the possibility of bond.

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