LightSkinKeisha Gives Birth and Weds Coca Vango

LightSkinKeisha has become a wife and mother, all in the span of a few weeks.

The actress and rapper Coca Vango quietly welcomed their son, Amin, on Sunday, January 14th. The baby boy arrived healthy, as Keisha confirmed during an exclusive chat with People. She also gave the outlet the first photographs of Amin in their first family photos.

“My pregnancy went smoothly, thanks to my husband’s support for an easy, stress-free experience. It went by quickly, and now he’s here, live and direct,” she revealed.

Referring to Vango as her husband was another shocker for fans, who had no clue Keisha and the influencer had tied the knot. While Keisha didn’t give any details about her ceremony, the 29-year-old confirmed that the wedding took place shortly before Amin was born.

“The transition into family life has been smooth because we were already like family. Being together for so long, having a child was the cherry on top. I sometimes get emotional looking at him, crying tears of joy as he’s everything I prayed for. I feel truly blessed to have this little person in my life now.”

Vango also boasted about his son, who is his second child and Keisha’s first. Initially, the couple were told they were having a baby girl. However, they learned they were actually having a boy, which Vango believes was no mistake.

“It’s like God’s continuing the legacy; my dad’s name was Amin, mine is too, and now Baby 3 is the 3rd. Feeling happy and blessed he’s here,” he told People.

Their announcement comes one day after Keisha shared a photo on Instagram and asked fans when they believed her son would be born. Clearly, she was trolling her social media followers.

Congratulations to the beautiful family.

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