Leigh Ann and Sean Tuohy Claim They’ve Paid Michael Oher $138k

Leigh Ann and Sean Tuohy are offering up some proof that they paid their estranged “adopted” son, Michael Oher, $138,000 from The Blind Side.

To catch everyone up, Oher slammed the couple recently for placing him inside a conservatorship when he was a teen. Oher believed he was signing adoption papers to be a legal part of the family. However, he eventually learned that the Tuohys had placed themselves over his estate. Oher claims they raked in millions of dollars from parts of his life story, which was used to produce The Blind Side. However, the couple has refuted his claims that they got rich off of him.

In newly filed court docs, they offered payment receipts that allegedly document Oher receiving ten separate payments. These payments were distributed to Oher starting in June 2007, two years before the film was released, TMZ reports. The final payment was allocated to Oher in April 2023. Another surprising revelation in the new filing is the couple claiming they never intended on legally adopting Oher. But they wanted to help him, so they allegedly spent thousands on his high school and college expenses.

Before the Tuohy ended the conservatorship in September 2023, they’d accused Oher of trying to get $15 million from them. The couple claimed they made the bulk of their estimated $200 million fortune from fast food restaurants, while Oher made roughly $30 million during his time in the NFL.  Both parties have requested accounting.

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