Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating The Solar Eclipse With A Limited Edition Oreo Packed Donut

Krispy Kreme is gearing up to celebrate the forthcoming solar eclipse with limited-edition sweets. 

The popular chain, known for its iconic glazed donut, will be introducing its Total Solar Eclipse line. Making this new collection even more enticing is the incorporation of Oreo. Krispy Kreme will transform a glazed donut by dipping it in chocolate icing and adding shimmery silver sprinkles and smooth Oreo buttercream. To finish it off, these special treats will be topped with an Oreo cookie. This tasty demonstration represents the Sun, Moon, and Earth all aligning, which is what the solar eclipse is all about. 

A moment occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, quickly blocking the sun and turning day into night. The stunning event is not expected to happen again for another 20 years, People confirms.  NASA has outlined a map that demonstrates each state that will experience the eclipse. 

Krispy Kreme will roll out its Total Solar Eclipse donuts beginning on April 5th and ending on April 8th. They are not the only food company getting in on the event. Sonic has introduced an all-black slushie packed with cotton candy and dragon fruit flavor in honor of the short-term darkness. Smoothie King has also introduced its new Eclipse Berry Blitz smoothie. Raising Cane’s be handing out complimentary Texas toast on April 8th during its “Path of Toast-tality” promotion. 

Be sure to have your snacks on deck ahead of time in preparation for the exciting time.  

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