Kanye West Responds to Criticism After Videos of Wife

Kanye West responds to recent criticism after he shared provocative videos of his wife.

On Monday, Kanye shared an identical video featuring his wife three times, leaving many puzzled. The reactions appeared to annoy the rapper-turned-designer, prompting him to post another Instagram video retaliating against his critics.

“Y’all, I just want to tell everybody I posted my wife three times on purpose,” Kanye said in the video. “So what I’m saying is, I delivered the album. And people still in my comments talking ’bout, ‘Why you posting your wife?’”

He added, “‘Cause she makes me happy. That’s why y’all happy with the music because I’m happy. You understand? So don’t ever say nothing negative,” he continued. “If you don’t like my page and don’t like what I’m posting, go f*ck yourself. Seriously, leave me — leave the king — the f*ck alone. I don’t care bro. I’m going to post my wife as much as I want. Go post your wife on your f*cking Instagram.”

West, who tied the knot with Censori in December 2022, frequently shares images of his wife dressed in revealing attire, including skimpy underwear and tiny bikini tops. Censori, whose wardrobe is curated by West, has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing sheer ensembles, with her latest appearance featuring a transparent raincoat worn with nothing underneath.

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