Judge Declares A Mistrial In Breonna Taylor’s Civil Right Case Involving A Former Police Officer That Shot The Stray Bullets That Led To Her Death

A mistrial has been declared in the case involving a former police officer accused of violating Breonna Taylor’s civil rights.

On Thursday, a mistrial was declared in the case of Brett Hankison, who faced charges related to firing stray bullets during the deadly raid. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision on both counts against him. Hankison had been facing a potential maximum sentence of life in prison. Federal prosecutors may choose to pursue a retrial against Hankison.

Hankison was accused of using excessive force when he discharged ten shots into Breonna Taylor’s window and a glass door. This incident occurred during a problematic drug warrant search on March 13, 2020, in which officers came under fire. Some of Hankison’s shots entered a neighboring apartment, but fortunately, no one was injured by them.

In the midst of an early-morning raid, law enforcement officers discharged their firearms, resulting in the tragic death of Taylor. This occurred when Taylor’s boyfriend, believing an intruder was attempting to enter, fired his legally owned gun towards the door. Subsequently, after the boyfriend’s shot hit an officer, two other officers fired a total of 22 rounds, one of which tragically struck Taylor in the chest, leading to her fatal injury, as confirmed by officials.

The poorly executed raid had been aimed at Taylor’s former partner, who had a previous drug conviction, but he was not present in the apartment at the time of the incident. This individual, Jamarcus Glover, has stated that Taylor had no involvement in any drug-related activities.

Hankison was terminated by the Louisville Metro Police Department in June 2020. Federal prosecutors sought to secure a conviction against Hankison for his actions during the night of Taylor’s tragic shooting. In March 2022, he faced accusations of endangering Taylor’s neighbors when he discharged shots that entered their apartment. However, he was ultimately acquitted of all charges in this federal case.

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