“It’s A Shame That A Complete Fabrication Had Gotten This Far”

Wale denies that Diddy dangled him over a balcony for his friendship with Cassie.

Wale’s management, speaking to TMZ Hip Hop, dismissed the narrative initially started by Ant Glizzy, a rapper who has transitioned into a YouTuber. Wale’s team stated that the story is entirely fabricated and is disappointed that such a baseless tale has gained traction to the extent that they needed to address it.

“It’s a shame that a complete fabrication has gotten this far and that we have to dignify it with a response,” Wale’s team said.

They also claimed that Ant Glizzy derived the storyline from the movie “The Five Heartbeats” and clarified that Wale has never crossed paths with Cassie.

“It is a fantasy written by an outsider to exploit a viral story for clicks … the author must have watched “The Five Heartbeats” on basic cable and got inspired. They have never been in the same room as the people mentioned. Wale has never met Cassie or the author and was never involved in any type of altercation. He wishes peace for everyone involved in the settlement,” the team added.

If you’re unaware, the 1991 film takes loose inspiration from the Motown Hits era and includes a scene where a volatile record label executive named Big Red dangles one of his artists over a balcony as a response to their perceived disrespect regarding royalty inquiries during office hours.

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