Israeli attacks target Rafah as tens of thousands flee to south Gaza | Israel-Palestine conflict News

The Israeli military has pounded Rafah in southern Gaza, levelling residential buildings and camps, leaving no place safe in the blocked-off enclave.

The mass movement towards Gaza’s south, accelerated under intense fighting and through evacuation corridors, has seen tens of thousands of people flee in recent days.

But on Saturday, attacks were hitting buildings in Rafah, the area of the densely populated territory to which civilians have been urged to evacuate.

An estimated 30,000 additional Palestinians went southwards through a corridor opened by the Israeli military on Friday, according to the United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA.

The Israeli military said about 150,000 Palestinians have left for the south in recent days from areas in the northern strip where combat is heavy.

The main hospitals that are still working do not have the medical resources to deal with the amount of injuries from the continuing bombardment in the south.

More than 70 percent of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have been displaced.

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