“I Robbed Some Women Of Their Baby-Making Years” [Video]

Jidenna is remorseful for his past treatment of women.

This discussion took place during the debut episode of the podcast “What’s Underneath: Masculinity,” which was released on Thursday.

“I robbed some women of their baby-making years, dragging them along. They built me up,” he began. “Look at me now! And look at them! If you were a creative, I folded you into my artwork. If you were in my artwork, I gave you a job. I gave you a job, I mastered your life. I gave you a house, food. Everything you needed, I protected and provided for you. I did what men are ‘supposed’ to do.”

He added,  “I remember different quotes I said. Just really manipulative things like, ‘No one is gonna love you the way I do.’ Oh my god! I’m ashamed of it! and that’s what makes me angry when I see my brothers do that. We can’t do that to the women who have done so much for us to even exist. And I saw myself for the first time — all the things I’m saying now? Woo, horror.”

When Jidenna released his album “ME YOU & GOD” in May, he shared the inspiration behind the passionately romantic and sensually charged collection of songs. While he was actively involved with multiple women at the time, he found himself falling in love with a “beautiful” partner, who eventually became a central figure in the album and a significant influence on his songwriting.

One of the themes explored in “ME YOU & GOD” is polyamory, a type of ethical or consensual non-monogamy that entails engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with multiple partners simultaneously. This is a concept that Jidenna has personally experienced and practiced in the past.

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