“He’s Not Here Because Of Some Ego Sh*t” [Video]

Mia Jaye, the  fiancée of Young Dolph, reveals her beliefs on why the rapper was killed.

In a Friday Instagram Live video, Jaye suggested that the rapper’s death might have been the result of a wounded pride, implying a potential motive for his murder.

“If I were to guess, based on the history of things — rap sh*t, bro,” she said. “A song, or two. Some ego sh*t. Let’s break that down even more. Ego sh*t. He not here because of ego… He’s not here because of some ego sh*t… At the end of the f*cking day, we killing people because of a bruised, a scarred ego?”

Govan appeared before Judge Mitchell during the most recent status conference held on Thursday. Govan is scheduled for another court appearance on December 14th, and the trial is formally scheduled to commence on March 11, 2024. He is facing charges that include conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, first-degree murder, and criminal attempt of first-degree murder.

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