Here’s Why Baltimore is Selling Vacant Homes for $1

The city of Baltimore is launching a new initiative to revitalize struggling neighborhoods by selling boarded-up homes for just one dollar each.

According to reports, Mayor Brandon Scott is leading the effort to combat crime and urban decay through this groundbreaking plan.

Residents have a unique chance to acquire over 200 city-owned vacant properties and restore them to their former condition, presenting a rare opportunity for those ready to put in the effort.

Despite the opportunity, Baltimore still faces a significant challenge with approximately 15,000 abandoned properties as of 2022, indicating a lengthy and challenging path toward urban renewal.

Baltimore has one of the highest crime rates in the United States, with a 1 in 21 chance of experiencing either violent or property-related crimes.

The recent approval of the $1 initiative by a city board mirrors Baltimore’s historic “dollar house” program from the 1970s, embodying a spirit of community revitalization through individual efforts.

Individual buyers are the main focus of the $1 initiative this time around, while developers looking to purchase a home must pay $3,000.

Those who participate in the program must commit to renovating their purchased property, have a minimum of $90,000 for rehabilitation, move in within one year, and reside in the home for five years.

According to, recipients of the initiative can receive generous grants of $50,000 to aid in renovations, contingent upon obtaining pre-approval for construction loans.

Nonprofits are urging the city to implement safeguards against developers buying out properties wholesale, fearing it could displace low-income residents and worsen gentrification pressures.

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