Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Joins Husband Jimmy Carter In Hospice Care

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has joined her husband, former President Jimmy Carter,  in hospice care.

The family released the news over the weekend that Mrs. Carter is now with her husband in hospice care at their home in the southern state of Georgia.

The former first lady, 96, was diagnosed with dementia in May and has now “entered hospice care at home. She and President Carter are spending time with each other and their family,” their grandson, Jason Carter, said in a released statement.

In February, Jimmy Carter, 99, entered hospice care at his Plains, Georgia home, which happens to be the same modest house he and his wife have lived in since the 1960s, the AFP reported.

The former Democratic president surprised many when he continued to welcome visitors, hear news about the Carter Center’s humanitarian work, and eat ice cream, according to his family.

Jimmy and Rosalynn married in 1946 and are the longest-wed presidential couple in the U.S., and Jimmy is the oldest-living president in US history.

The two worked for human rights, democracy, and health issues worldwide throughout their lives, all while maintaining a distinct, humble public image.

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