Florida Mom Banned From Taking Child To School Over “OnlyFans” Decal On Her Car

A Florida mother says her children’s private school has banned her parking on their property because her car has an OnlyFans decal.

Michelle Cline, who is also known as “Piper Fawn” on the subscription-based platform, told WPLG-TV that officials at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares told her she could no longer drop her children off at the school’s main entrance because of the “windshield”-sized decal for the website she has on her car’s back window.

“I was forced to have to, you know, take it off or not come on campus,” Cline told the station, referring to her car’s decal. “And that one seemed like an easy thing to say for sure. But for me, you know, it supports my family, this provides a very comfortable way of life for us. And it’s legal, you know, I pay taxes just like everyone else but I’m not breaking the law, I just offended people.”

Cline said her OnlyFans link does not contain explicit content.

The school’s decision comes two years late, with the mother saying the sign has been on her vehicle for two years and says she feels that her “kids are getting singled out.”

“I find it hard to believe that there are that many parents and there are that many kids that are paying attention to my vehicle every morning,” Cline told WOFL.

In an email from the school to Cline obtained by WOFL, school officials said that if she covered up the sign, she would be able to resume drop-off at the front door.

“I am requesting that you respect our request to keep the advertisement off campus,” the email read. “If you’d like to bring your vehicles on campus, please cover up the decals. If you’d like to park off campus, you are welcome to do so.”

Cline’s husband’s vehicle also has an OnlyFans decal, PEOPLE reported.

Cline realizes she may not win the battle over her decal, but hopes Liberty Christian will take safety measures since her kids now have to cross a busy street to get to the school.

Mom Banned From Taking Child To School Over “OnlyFans” Decal On Her Car
Michelle Cline

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