Florida Man Steals $100K From Unlocked Armored Truck Parked At Circle K

Florida authorities say a man allegedly stole more than $100,000 from an unlocked armored truck last month in Pasco County.

Stefon Torrence Alexander Carew, 37, is accused of parking a white van next to the armored truck at a Circle K near Hudson, according to the affidavit. He then allegedly went to the truck’s unlocked door, opened it, and took two money bags.

Carew allegedly pre-paid for $30 in fuel inside the store before the crime, WFLA News reported.

Investigators used the photos taken from store surveillance cameras and ran them through facial recognition software to match the person in the photo to Carew’s driver’s license photo.

Authorities were also able to link the white van to a pawn transaction made by Carew in October.

A witness who knows the suspect also identified Carew from the photos.

It’s unclear what charges Carew is facing.

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