Exploring Shannon Sharpe’s Success with First Take

It is no secret that once Shannon Sharpe joined forces with Stephen A. Smith and First Take, they surpassed FS1’s Undisputed as undoubtedly the best morning show on television. When Bayless pushed Sharpe away, and he became a free agent this summer, ESPN let go several employees and seemingly made space for the NFL legend and former kicker Pat Mcafee.

First Take has maintained its highest audience ever last year, with 496,000 viewers on average. On Martin Luther King Day, 1.5 million viewers tuned in to the weekday morning show, setting a new record for most views in a single episode.

This week, Sharpe was on his evening show with Chad Johnson, where he spoke about the viewership his independently-owned show garnered compared to Undisputed’s numbers since they let him go.

“CBS let me go, I went to Undisputed and got bigger,” Sharpe told Johnson. “Undisputed let me go now look at it. Look at the subs, I got more subs than Undisputed.” Sharpe was mentioning his show Club Shay Shay, which has 2.62 million subscribers, catching even more steam after his viral Katt Williams interview. “I’m going to be okay, I believe in me I’m always going to bet on black,” Sharpe said. “I remember I wanted a situation and my agent said, ‘Ay don’t worry about it, next contract, someone will pay for what you lost.’ I don’t get upset, man, it’s not the end of the world.”

Check out the clip of Unc below, educating everyone on how to bounce back from an L.

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