Ex-NFL Star Vince Young Involved in Wild Bar Fight [Video]

Last month, Vince Young was involved in a Houston bar fight caught on TMZ Sports video, getting punched and possibly knocked unconscious.

The video shows Young, dressed in a white hat, black shirt, and shorts, arguing with others at Tokyo Joe’s Shot Bar before the situation escalates into a physical altercation.

The reason for the argument is unclear, but Vince Young is seen pushing several men after exchanging words. The situation escalates when one man throws a drink in another’s face and then delivers a forceful elbow strike.

The video captures the fight moving to the other side of the bar, where more punches are thrown. Just as things seem to settle, Young is struck hard and stays on the ground briefly before getting back up.

According to TMZ, Houston Police were called by the bar owner, who claimed he was hit by a drink and an elbow. He said the argument started over race and turned physical when he asked the patrons to leave.

Police said the man decided not to press charges, and as a result, no arrests were made.



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