Drake’s New Fragrance Oil Has Arrived Online

Drake’s new business venture will leave you smelling and feeling better than ever. 

Drizzy is gearing up to launch his first fragrance oil, titled “Carby Musk.” The product is coming out through his Better World Fragrance House (BWFH) imprint. It’s clear Drake took his time with the alluring fragrance, which is meticulously composed using a fusion of Lily of The Valley, Ambergris, Oakmoss, Skin Musk, and Amber Woods, resulting in the unique and distinctive “Carby Musk.” The OVO founder tapped renowned perfumer Michael Carby from Givaudan to help bring the unique oil to life. 

The fragrance oil is the latest product within his BWFH company, which launched in 2021. Drake previously introduced a line of candles, which sold out fairly quickly online and were introduced in Harrods store in the U.K. In a promotional video for “Carby Musk” shared on Drake’s Instagram, it is emphasized that this captivating scent is inclusive and suitable for anyone. This fragrance holds a deep personal significance for Drake, contributing to his already impressive portfolio.  

The “Carby Musk” fragrance oil has officially marked its entrance. It is designed for everyday wear and presented in a convenient rollerball application, a perfect size for travel. The oil sells for $195 on the official BWFH website. The “Carby Musk” candle is also available to go along with the oil for $80. 

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