Darius Jackson Denies Abuse Allegations, Shares Audio Of Keke Palmer’s Mother

Darius Jackson Denies Abuse Allegations, Shares Audio Of Keke Palmer’s Mother Threatening He “Might Get A Bullet” Put In His Head

New audio clips surface as KeKe Palmer and Darius Jackson’s domestic situation continues to unfold.

According to TMZ, Darius denies KeKe’s abuse allegations and claims that her mother threatened to put a bullet in his head. Insiders close to Darius says the recent conflict between the former couple arose from a disagreement over the custody arrangements for their son, Leo. Darius allegedly texted Keke, expressing his intention to pick up their son to watch football last Sunday. However, Leo was not present when he arrived at Keke’s residence.

Reports claim Darius entered Keke’s home and started cursing at her while she was on the phone with her mother, Sharon. This situation led to a heated dispute between the two, with Sharon still on the line. In an audio recording, Sharon is heard yelling and cursing at Darius. It was during this intense exchange that Sharon threatened Darius by mentioning that she would shoot him.

Subsequently, Darius attempted to take Keke’s phone from her possession forcefully. These actions are said to be the images disclosed as part of her recent restraining order, which was filed last week. Nevertheless, Darius denies any allegations of mistreating Keke.

Furthermore, Darius’s mother, Yhinyer, became aware of the threat and exchanged texts with Sharon to address her statement. In the screenshots, Yhinyer questioned Sharon about her remark and stated that she was filing a police report for her family’s safety. However, Sharon seemed unfazed by the claim and alleged that Darius had “choked” his own sister in the past.

Nevertheless, KeKe was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius and awarded sole custody of their son. A hearing to address this matter has been scheduled for December 5th. 


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