Chrisean Rock Called Out for Suggesting War In Gaza Is Happening Because Palestinians “Don’t Believe in Jesus” [Video]

Chrisean Rock is under fire for comments made during an Instagram Live session with her sister, where she discussed the war in Gaza and interpreted it as a fulfillment of scripture.

“They don’t believe in Jesus,” Chrisean Rock said. “So that’s why it’s happening right there.”

She then referred to Palestinians as “them people that’s bowing down with them carpets that’s on the floor.”

She said, “I seen videos where they pray at. It’s cockroaches and infested with … so, what is God trying to tell us? What is the message being the chaos. Yeah, we know war, the war. But things always happen for a reason and it’s happening.”

According to the sisters, the war signals the second coming of Christ and the onset of “end times.”

“I feel like all that stuff is happening where Jesus was born for a reason,” she added. “It has to correlate to something about God. Yeah, it has something to do with the war, but it has something to do spiritual too.”

Rock continued to explain her “theory” about the conflict in the region.

“That’s where Jesus was born at but it’s like a lot of people over there, they don’t pray to Jesus. They praying to Allah and they saying Jesus just was a prophet. So, I thought it had something to do with that,” she stated.

During her live session, many fans left and called for her cancellation after clips of the conversation surfaced online.

“Muslims believe in Jesus! What about the Palestinian Christian’s that are being slaughtered & the churches that Israel has bombed? How can you justify 30,000+ civilians being killed?” wrote one Instagram User.

“She resorts to Jesus when she’s losing fans and ion like how she tryna play on him like he’s a toy” another added.

“Girl you don’t believe in Jesus u believe in blue face sit this one out suh,” a third user chimed.

According to reports, as of last month, approximately one in every 100 people in Gaza has been killed since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7th.

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