Cardi B & TikToker Raymonte Go Back-and-Forth Online Over “Ghetto” Brand Endorsement Commentary

Cardi B and social media influencer Raymonte had a back-and-forth on social media after he made a few comparisons between himself and her. 

The social media personality recorded a video firing back at people who called him too “ghetto” to get brand endorsements. He compared himself to Cardi, who people frequently call “ghetto,” yet she is still allowed in spaces and has a string of endorsements. 

“As a Black person, you guys say that I’m ghetto, but Cardi B, who doesn’t look like a visible Black woman to me,” Raymonte ranted, adding, “She is very, very ghetto. She’s way ghettoer than me, she’s way hooder, gangster, greasy than me. She was outside with the damn bloods and ya’ll don’t say that this lady is ghetto. Ya’ll don’t say that she isn’t marketable. It feels like everyone can be ghetto and Black besides ghetto and Black people.”

This didn’t sit well with Cardi, who fired off a series of tweets, slamming the TikToker for including her in his discourse, which initially stemmed from his feud with Essence. 

“Why is it that y’all gotta use me to make y’all comparisons cause y’all only see the glory but not when I get drag 24/7? LEAVE ME TF ALONE AND OUT OF YALL BULLS***,” she demanded in one of her tweets.

Raymonte began replying, claiming he meant no disrespect towards Cardi. However, he pointed out that the “Bodak Yellow” star has been afforded opportunities that other Black people who are perceived as “ghetto” do not get. 

Cardi slammed this notion, stating that she overcame quite a bit to achieve her massive success despite being labeled. 


As the feud pushed on, Cardi offered an olive branch and a word of advice. She encouraged Raymonte to be patient instead of calling out people and making unnecessary comparisons to his own career. 

It appears Raymonte was trying to address his controversial Essence write-up when he entered the beef with Cardi. His birthday trip, which he took with several other Black content creators, was highlighted by the outlet, expressing the importance of them getting equal opportunities as their white counterparts. Raymonte took offense to their piece, claiming that Essence has never invited him to events. Unfortunately, Cardi caught a stray during that drama, though hopefully, all can be put to rest now.

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